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Q: Is this something you guys can handle?

A: YES - no job is too small, large, difficult, or intricate. Adzemen Demo has the combined knowledge to create the best solution for your particular job. Our seemingly endless resources will make tackling any job look easy. Although we are a new company, we are most certainly not new to demolition. (Link to Bio's)

Q: Are you Insured?

A: Absolutely. We have a comprehensive insurance policy which includes workman’s comp and general liability.

Q: Do you offer labourers for Time & Material/ rented labour.

A: YES; Price includes labour for an 8 hour minimum using all typical hand to power tools.

Q: Where does all the trash go?

A:  All trash and debris created on an Adzemen Demolition job-site will be taken to a Massachusetts DEP approved facility.

Q: Do you do snow removal/ shovel roofs?

A: YES; Adzemen Demoltion offers manual snow removal and roof shoveling services for our residential & commercial clients.

Q: Do you provide consultations and budgeting?

A: YES; Adzemen Demolition Inc. provides homeowners with a consultation where initial budget ranges are provided.

Q: How long is a typical consultation?

A: Each consultation is based on individual need, however, our typical consultations will last about 20 minutes to an hour. This allows us time to thoroughly discuss your project with you and answer any questions you may have. 

Q: During what hours can I schedule an appointment?

A: We remain very flexible regarding meeting times to best accommodate your availability. 

Q: Does demolition involve historic conservation?

A: Demolition contractors, because of their experience and knowledge of the nature of structures, often have expertise in historic preservation. They understand what structural elements can be saved and how to assure that the integrity of an historic structure can be maintained.

Q: What is an "Adze"

A: An adze is a tool similar to an ax with a dull edge that is used for separating materials in the demolition or salvage of old buildings.

Q: What is an "Adzemen"

A:  An "Adzemen" is an interior demolition labourer specializing in hand wrecking and dismantling.